How do I know my application was successfully sent?


The signups for the Fleet Roster are closed; however a Latecomers Roster is open (same signup process), until February 17th. That roster is not visible and won't be processed until March, when it will eventually be added to the Main one.



How do I update my roster information?


The deadline for Roster amendments has passed.


I update my Roster info via my edit link but nothing changes on the Roster?


The Signup form does not accept amendments anymore.


Can I send two applications?


One application per CMDR account. So you can send two for your main and your alt, or three if you have three participating accounts. Any duplicate applications are and will be automatically discarded.



What is the absolute minimum jump range needed to reach Beagle Point?


33.4 ly. So you need to have at least 16.7 ly of jump range and a few standard and premium FSD injections via synthesis to cross the Abyss and make the final jump to Beagle Point. You may only need the one premium injection if you take a wider, longer route along the galactic arms to avoid the Abyss.



Do I have to have a role to take part?


Absolutely not. Roles are purely optional.



I don't have a lot of game time, can I even keep up?


The expected pace should be around 1,000ly per day on average, at 5 days of travel per week. This is a little slower than the Distant Worlds 3302 pace, with engineered FSDs and Guardian FSD Boosters on top. It should take 2 to 3 hours per route leg on a mid-ranged ship (40ly). If you cannot play at least 3 or 4 hours a week, you probably won't be enjoying the trip. On a side note, you don't have to be at every waypoint on the date of the basecamp meetup, or at all; if RL gets in the way, you can always race later on to catch up with the fleet.


Do I have to be on comms?

No. You may want to be on the FleetComm Discord server as all important information will be posted there first thing and there's always someone around if you have a question or need help. Text or voice chat is completely optional. You can join the FleetComm discord here

Only members of the main Roster will be granted access for the time being.


Do I need to pack weapons just in case?


If you play in one of the official private groups, no. If you play in Open, it's at your discretion. If you are worried about returning to the inhabited bubble with months of exploration data, groups like the Iridium Wing can provide armed escorts for the returning CMDRs' safety.



Are basecamp meetups mandatory?


No. They're just opportunities to unwind, stretch your legs, meet fellow travelers, get on voice comms, drive the SRV around. There may be fun events and livestreams with guests during some of those meetups, though.


How do I join one of the official in-game private groups?

Head over to the #joining-fc-pg channel or the PG page for instructions.


Can I use the DW2 logo to print t-shirts or stickers?


The Distant Worlds 2 insignia contains assets from Frontier Developments, PLC and thus cannot be used commercially without express permission. Besides, chances are the file you'll want to use won't meet the technical requirements for the intended use, and the result will be poor. However, if you only want to use it for your own personal merchandise, you’re free to do so. Go to the Assets page to download the Media assets pack. If you want to use it commercially or have technical inquiries, please contact Qohen Leth. We do not share vector files; however we may be able to send you a very large PNG for a specific use.

How long will this last?

Approximately 6 months. TBC.

How can I take pretty screenshots for the photo contests?


On PC, use F10 for regular screenshots, Alt+F10 for super high resolution screenshots (by default, x16 your monitor resolution). The third-party apps EDDiscovery and ScreenshotChanger can convert your Elite screenshots on the fly to .jpg or .png. You can also use apps like Greenshot to capture your screen and save it in various formats. Beware that excessively compressed screenshots with lots of artefacts will not be accepted as contest submissions; so if you use Steam, make sure to tick “Save an uncompressed copy” in your settings.


How do mass jumps work?


People wing each other to force everyone into the same instance, then they all target a common system, charge FSDs with throttle to zero; when the go is given, they throttle up in sync, and jump together. It's pretty cool. When the game doesn't break.




What do I win if I'm the first one at the next waypoint?


Nothing. It's not a race.



Is Distant Worlds 2 just hype, in the end?


Ask Distant Worlds 3302 veterans. They'll go on for hours on their fond memories of those exciting times. It is something special. It's like going on a road trip around the world with 4,500 people you barely know. In the end, you'll have made friends.


What if griefers tag along?


Fly in one of the official private groups, or Mobius, or your own, with friends. If you only want to fly in Open, you should expect hunters to be determined enough to fly all the way up to Beagle Point. If you are killed in Open, your death is on you.



Do I need a 80ly Anaconda?


That may be the most irrelevant option of all.


How can I order a cool patch for my spacesuit?


Head on over to the Memorabilia menu at the top.



How does it work for non-Euro timezones?


Roster statistics show that non-Euro timezones are very marginal, so as much as we'd like to have official reps at basecamps around the clock on meetup days, we're faced with a quasi absence of volunteers. It's not like people need an overseer to meet, though. It will probably be less crowded than the Euro timezones; we thus encourage non-Euro players to send friend invites to other people in their timezones (using the Data > Filter Views on the Roster spreadsheet).


Do I have to join a DW2 Squadron?


No. These are purely optional; nothing will be exclusive to squadrons.


What is the best ship for DW2?


The best ship is the one you will feel comfortable flying for the next 10 months. The variety of activities during the trip and the higher jump ranges attainable for all ships prevents any definitive answer to this question. Ultimately it comes down to the activities you want to take part in and the ship(s) you prefer. Feel free to ask outfitting advice in FleetComm or to consult the DW2 Outfitting Guide.


Can I upload my travel logs to EDSM even though I will travel on PS4/XBox One?


Yes, EDSM now supports consoles. Head over here (XBOne) or there (PS4) for more details.



Why not release the full route all at once?


The focus of the expedition is on the activities and discoveries made along the way. We’d like to keep the group together as a fleet; it’s not a race.


I started Elite a week ago, can I even take part in DW2?


All you really need is a decently outfitted ship and maybe some synthesis materials. You will certainly find people on FleetComm to get you ready for the trip within a day or two. The voyage is not difficult; however for a newcomer, it is advised to be careful and focused, even after weeks of travelling.



Can I join the fleet from Colonia?


Of course.


Where can I read more information about the Distant Worlds Expeditions?


Background History: Link

Current Expedition Sub-Forum: Link

  • DW2 Facebook
  • DW2 Twitter
  • Distant Worlds Wiki
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