Qohen Leth designed the Distant Worlds 2 logo, from the original 'two-tone' variant of the Distant Worlds 3302 logo by Hi-Ban. The logo contains assets from Frontier Developments, PLC. You are not authorized to use the logo for profit or in any commercial way, or to modifiy it. You can use it for non-profit and strict communication purposes, such as (but not limited to): forum avatar, forum signature, livestreams, YouTube videos, narratives, CMDR logs, etc. You can use it for personal merchandise items; see below for larger size files.

You are not permitted to transform, crop or subvert it. Please respect the work of the people involved in this community event. Contact Cmdr Qohen Leth for specific requests.

Click below to download the .zip archive of Distant Worlds 2 assets. The pack contains:

  • DW2 logo in: .png (2000px, 1000px, 500px, 250px, 100px)

  • DW2 logo alternate coloring in: .png (2000px, 1000px, 500px, 250px, 100px)

  • DW2 logo watermark (white) in: .png (2000px, 1000px, 500px, 250px, 100px)

  • DW2 text watermark in : .png (1000px, 500px, 250px)

  • Roles icons in: .png (200px, 100px), .gif (200px, 100px)

Original Logo

Alternate Logo

Watermark Text

Watermark Logo

Placyde's beautiful animated DW2 logo, available in 250px and 100px (forum avatar ready) sizes :)

The Hull Seals logo by DoctorDrebin (click to open in large size)


This Print pack contains large files to use on Frontier's Merchandise Designer Store, where you can make yourself a DW2 item or garment. Technical constraints might limit the number of printable colours to 3, so I included a few tri-tone variants of the DW2 logo; as well as 2 variants of the watermark (use the .svg to be able to change the text colour). All files are 3000x3000 pixels and should be enough to cover most uses.

A few examples:

  • DW2 Facebook
  • DW2 Twitter
  • Distant Worlds Wiki
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