Rules for the Official DW2 In-Game Player Groups

When joining FleetComm PG or any of the official Distant Worlds 2 PGs on any platform, you agree to abide by the same set of rules, the primary one being that no unsanctioned PvP or aggressive acts are allowed whilst using the group. The rules of our official P¨Gs are as follows, and all members are expected to follow them:


Commanders are not permitted to cause the destruction of another Commander's ship.


Any aggressive activity (which must not violate Rule 1) must be by mutual consent of all parties involved.


Restrict speed and stow hardpoints while within 2 kilometres (including altitude) of any published waypoint, landing zone, base camp, or any gathering of 4 or more ships.

Violation of Rule 1 will result in an immediate ejection and permanent ban from the group, whether deliberate or accidental. Violation of Rules 2 or 3 may result in either temporary or permanent bans, at the sole discretion of the group admins. Rule 1 is self evident. Rule 2 is intended to allow races an other games and events within the group. Note that both hull damage and SRV destruction are permitted under Rule 2, but ship destruction is not. Rule 3 is intended to ensure that gatherings are safe. There have been incidents where Commanders at published landing zones have incurred significant hull damage because another commander had an "accident". Fly safe. Check your speed, not your credit balance, and respect your fellow Cmdr.

  • When applying to one of the official PGs, you must follow all the steps. Failing to do so will put your application on hold indefinitely.

  • Applications should be processed within a few days; if you don't have any news after a week, please contact the listed admin directly. As the launch date approaches, applications are likely to increase exponentially, so send yours as soon as possible.

  • Do NOT expect to be instantaneously processed.

  • You must be on the expedition Roster in order to be granted access to the DW2-specific PGs.

  • People are added to the PGs at the discretion of the PG admins and they are not obliged to explain why individuals have been refused entry.

Joining FleetComm Private Group on PC

  • Fill in the FleetComm Application Form. This gives us a single place to review applications, as well as explaining the group rules, and asking you to agree to them.

  • From the game menu, select Friends and Private Groups, then the Groups tab, then click Search groups, enter "FleetComm", and finally click Request Join.

UPDATE: As of 3.3, a bug can prevent people from searching for private groups. If you have trouble joining the PG, please head over to the FleetComm discord server and ask the PG Admins for help.

Due to a massive backlog of requests, the applications to the Fleetcomm PG are temporarily halted until further notice.

PC PG Contact is Satsuma.

Joining the Distant Worlds 2 Private Group on XBox One

  • Find 'DistantworldsXB' and add him as a friend on the XBox dashboard.

  • The XBOX team will confirm that your commander name is recorded on our roster. There will be no access to the PG unless you are listed and have a DW2 roster number.

  • They Will send you an invitation to the PG.

UPDATE: As of 3.3, a bug can prevent people from searching for private groups. If you have trouble joining the PG, please head over to the FleetComm discord server and ask the PG Admins for help.

XBOne PG Contact is JT [DW2 Consoles].

Joining the Distant Worlds 2 Private Group on Playstation 4

  • Send a friend request on PSN to CMDR Allcrowsareblack mentioning;

    • Your Roster number (that you can find here)​

    • If you would like to be left off the message group (you will be added by default)

    • If you would like to be added to the PSN Community

  • From in-game, look for the Distant Worlds 2 [DWO2] squadron, and apply.

  • You will be invited to join the Private Group (Allcrowsareblack) by default following receipt of the Friend Request.

PS4 PG Contact is Allcrowsareblack [PS4 Lead].

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