Distant Worlds 2 Weekly Photo Contest on the Fleetcomm HQ Discord server

One contest per week, related to current WP (numbered in channel name). How does it works:

1) Photo submissions in a dedicated #wp-photo-contest channel: from Sunday 12:00 UTC to Friday 20:00 UTC

2) Community voting: from Friday 20:00 UTC to Sunday 12:00 UTC

3) Winners selection: from Sunday 12:00 UTC

     * @DW2 Photo Team will choose their favorites 3 photos based on their photographic quality, subject, technique and WOW factor.

     * In addition the most upvoted submission will be selected additionally Among those 4, a winner will be picked, and will be gifted a prize (Frontier Store goodies)

The 4 final contenders will be featured in the weekly newsletter. All the weekly submissions will be gathered and constitute each Waypoint's album on Imgur (linked here).



Rules and technical restrictions

* Maximum 2 submissions per CMDR per week. Any extra will likely be removed.

* PNG or JPG only (no BMP!).

* The photo must be under 5 MB so that it can be embedded into the channel and be visible without having to be opened separately.

* Max 4K resolution.

* The file quality must be decent. Crappy Steam JPGs will not be kept. If you use Steam, go in your Settings and tick "Save an uncompressed copy": it will save a PNG version, use that one.

* Light editing is allowed (contrast, colour balance, cropping, saturation); EDFX too as long as it's not extreme.


@DW2 Photo Team will use a [refused] icon to indicate that the posted photo breaks one of the rules (in general, description doesn't contains CMDR name and/or location). We will not enforce a file naming system, however, if you omit your CMDR name from the file, you will not be credited in the Imgur album.

Submission format

All in one post : drag'n'drop, write info, send. Text must NOT be posted as a separate message.

CMDR: xxxx

Location: yyyy (System at least)

Description: zzzz

Picture. Please include CMDR_name and wp# in file name, it helps a lot!

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